How to set up an ExamBank account

In order to access ExamBank, you need to have an account that you can use. If you are a student, you may want to first check with your school to see if they have an account with us - many schools already do.

ExamBank Pricing Structure

Standard Accounts
Total cost $CAD
(plus tax)
Number of
Logins *
Typical UseCost per
$15.0050 loginsFamily use30¢
$25.00125 loginsFamily use20¢
$50.00300 loginsFamily use/Individual Classroom16.7¢
$100.00650 loginsSmall school, 65 users15.4¢
$250.001800 loginsMedium school, 125 users13.9¢
$500.004000 loginsLarge school, 250 users12.5¢
$1000.008500 loginsVery large school, 600 users11.7¢
$2000.0018500 loginsSmall school district10.8¢
$5000.0050000 loginsMedium school district10.0¢
$10000.00105000 loginsLarge school district9.5¢

* Standard accounts never expire. Any logins left in your account
this school year will carry over to next year. One login enables the
student to write one test. If a student wants to write more than one
test, they will have to login separately each time. Essentially,
"logins" and "number of tests written" are synonymous.

Unlimited Accounts (for Schools and Districts)
Cost per
(plus tax)
Number of
Registered Students
Typical Use
$3.00100 - 999typical school
$2.501,000 - 4,999very large school
$2.005,000 - 9,999small district
$1.5010,000 - 24,999medium district
$1.0025,000 or morelarge district

Unlimited accounts are valid for one full year
from the time of purchase or renewal. They provide
an unlimited number of tests to be written from
school or home for the duration of the year.
Click here if you want to read more about
unlimited accounts and how they work.
to create a new ExamBank account
Need to renew? Visit your Account
Administration area to add more logins

If you would like to establish an account with ExamBank, we offer a large range of different packages (starting at $15 CAD + tax), appropriate for everyone from individual students, to families, classrooms, schools, school districts, and libraries. Standard accounts are virtually identical in all respects other than the size of the quota purchased, with the larger packages providing a lower per-test cost. The "typical use" mentioned in the table above is just the type of client that we find often orders a given package, but feel free to choose whichever size of package would work best for you. Keep in mind that there is no fixed expiry date on standard accounts, so unused logins will carry over from year to year until the quota has been depleted (some restrictions apply - see Terms and Conditions for details). As well, there is no danger of going "over your quota" - when you have used up the number of logins purchased, your account will simply not work until it is renewed by adding additional logins from the Account Administration area.

Our immensely popular unlimited accounts are intended for schools and districts only. These accounts provide administrators with the peace of mind of a fixed budget and knowing that their students can use ExamBank as much as needed, without having to worry about topping up their logins periodically. They are valid for one full calendar year from the time they are created. Please click here if you would like more information on our unlimited accounts.

If you are paying by credit card, your account will be made available immediately. If you are setting up a personal account and paying by cheque, we will set up your account as soon as the cheque arrives. If you represent a school and are paying by invoice or purchase order, we will make every effort to verify the information you provide and set up the account within 24 hours (and usually much quicker, especially during the busy exam preparation season starting a few months before June). Once your account has been activated, you will receive confirmation via email.

We do everything we can to keep our prices low so that everyone can have access to ExamBank for test preparation. Access to ExamBank is less expensive than photocopying practice tests for students, with the added advantage that the tests are automatically and instantly marked. These prices have not changed in over a decade, since began offering the service.

Standard accounts are based on the number of times a user accesses an exam on the web site. Each time a test is accessed, one of the logins in the quota is used up. School or library administrators, teachers, and parents who wish to view a history of activity, or control when and how students are accessing the site can do so within the "Account Administration" area. In addition, school districts can be provided with "subaccounts" if they wish to track usage between their various schools.

The use of this service requires that users agree to the terms and conditions established by Syzygy Research & Technology. You may also want to check out our Frequently Asked Questions, or call us at 1-866-961-2269 (toll-free) if you have any questions.